A/C Evaporator Cleaning Service


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We are proud to announce that you can now easily purchase an AC Evaporator Cleaning Service on our website!

How it works – Purchase your A/C Evaporator Service on LexusOfBrooklyn.com and call to schedule an appointment. Bring a printed or emailed copy of your receipt to confirm your purchase.

When and WHY – AC Evaporator Cleaning

The A/C Evaporator cleaning service eliminates bacteria, mold, mildew and odors from your vehicles A/C circulation system. Using a state of the art antibacterial foam or spray, the main components of the A/C system are cleaned and decontaminated. If the A/C or Cabin filter is replaced and the system is not cleaned at the same time, the new filter may fail to properly clean air passing through due to a buildup of mold, mildew or bacteria in the A/C system itself.

*To optimize the air quality in your cabin, an A/C Evaporator Cleaning should be performed when replacing the vehicle’s in cabin AC filter.